Introductory Call

We kick-off the start of your link building campaign by hosting a conference call between our project managers and your marketing team. It’s important that we understand your company’s overall culture, goals and philosophy, as well as your immediate goals in regard to the link building campaign. During this time, we will establish a baseline from which to measure the progress of our link building efforts.

Research and Strategy

Our researchers and strategists will then research the best websites in your niche and begin an intensive outreach campaign to establish which sites are accepting original content. We go a step further and research topic ideas appropriate for each individual site in order to pitch these as article ideas. Our team members will also find websites relevant to your niche that have resource pages, and we will inquire about having your link placed on such pages.

Link Placement

Once a website owner or editor requests an article about a particular topic, one of our high-quality writers prepares the article. Our writers are well-versed in what makes an article SEO-friendly, including how to use anchor text in such a way that benefits the site being linked to. Our writers are able to take advantage of your site’s own articles, blogs or resources to create a truly relevant and helpful connection between the article and your site.

Ongoing Reports

Once your custom article has appeared online, complete with a link to your site, we celebrate another shining success. We will send you regular status reports so that you will know how many articles are in progress or complete, or how many websites have been contacted and how many have replied.

Ongoing Strategic Development

Our team is constantly researching websites, communicating with site editors and writing excellent articles in order to keep the momentum of your link building campaign rolling right along. Based on our progress, we will make any adjustments necessary to achieve our goals.

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